Elimination of "Indian" Stereotypes from our Schools: Focus on Wisconsin ACT 250: The Race-based Nickname, Mascot, and Logo Law
Advocacy models, experiences as complainants and case managers involved with the earliest cases brought under ACT 250, and illustrate opportunities to develop advocacy and present authentic information on the issue.

WIEA Task Force: Advocacy Overview
Presentation created by Barb and Chris Munson, focusing on advocacy and the "Indian" Nickname, Mascot, and Logo issue.

Bringing Responsible Change: Wisconsin's Struggle to Eliminate "Indian" Mascots, Logos, and Nicknames
Historical focus of educational advocacy, legisla
tion, and coalition building on the "Indian" Nickname, Mascot, and Logo issue in the state of Wisconsin.  Information includes case summaries of the first three cases under the current law, ACT 250. Presented at National Indian Education Association Annual Conventaion in October of 2010 by Barb Munson, J. P. Leary, and DeLanna Studi.

Brief Policy History of the American Indian Mascot, Logo, and Nickname Issue in Wisconsin
Authored by J. P. Leary.

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